When we start working with clients we tell them what we do, but we never over-sell. In fact, if we are honest we are terrible sellers. We try so hard not to be pushy sales people, that we don’t really sell our services at all – more, allow people to buy them.

However, we recently received a testimonial from Mark Brear, Owner of EML Electrical, which we feel perfectly shows a business’s journey through Creative Content Company.

We met Mark at a networking event and got chatting about what we could do. Mark explained he wanted to have monthly blog posts on his website, but he didn’t know what to write about and he didn’t have the time to write them either.

Here’s what Mark has to say;

It Started With Blogging

We started using Hazel for our blogs around 6 months ago. I was unsure who this would work having somebody writing blogs who was not in our industrially but thought I would give it a go.

I found Hazel to have an amazing ability to come up with subjects to write about. Not only did she come up with or suggest most of the subjects we write about in our blogs, but she also makes sure they are done on time. It is great to have somebody who manages this and ensure they are done on time, every time.

Then Some Chamber Of Commerce Magazine Articles

We very quickly saw the benefit in using Hazel’s services and involved her further, by writing an article in the Chamber of Commerce magazine each month. Again Hazel made sure they are done on time each month and that we are in the magazine every month.

Then A Website Review

We had our website running for a number of months and we have very little action from it to the point where I was about to stop all spend on it. I heard Hazel talk about the SEO website reviews she does and thought I would try this as a last option.

I have a great review back that outlines a number of items over 3 A4 pages worth from Hazel. This has led to us starting to phase in some changes to our website and despite us only being about 20% of the way through the changes we have noticed a massive different to the point we have already had successful ROI from this exercise and more.

Now we do website content, write their case studies and have even written a press release for them – who knows where the journey may go next… but we know what mark thinks because he said;

I cannot recommend Hazel high enough for the works she has done for EML.