I recently started what I would like to refer to as the ‘Spare Change Project’, this is a project that I have been doing for a few months and been encouraging friends and family to do too, but now I would like to share it with you too.

All of us have that spare change in our pockets or purses; the 1p change from a bar of chocolate we bought, the 10p change from the newspaper, the 15p change from the parking machine or the 26p change from the super expensive coffee we treated ourselves to after a successful client meeting that looks like it may just have paid off – but what happens with this change?

Every time I see a charity box when I am out and about in shops, pubs, restaurants, petrol stations and even McDonalds I pop the change in the money box. My classification of change, for the purposes of this project is anything under 50p.

If I have gone to the counter in a shop to pay for something, even if I am paying with my bank card, I will empty the change out of my purse into the charity pot and I immediately get that warm feeling inside that by popping that annoying change that is jingling in my pocket or making it hard to shut my purse will be going to help someone else.

However, when I put money into a charity pot I will also be thanked by the person near the charity box, whether that is the charity itself or the person behind the counter and this always makes me feel warm inside – like I am doing something good, and doesn’t everyone like to be noticed or recognised for doing something good?

So, I would like to ask if you would be happy to join me. All you have to do is check your pockets, purse or wallet when you see a charity box and pop in any change you have that is under 50p. Please let me know if you get involved as I would love to know that this blog has spread and encouraged others to do the same.

Of course if you already do the ‘spare change project’ in your own way I would love to hear about that too!