We attended at East of England Showground over the weekend and it was a fabulous event, lots of brilliant businesses and fantastic business owners from Peterborough had been chosen as finalists for some incredible awards.

The Creative Content Company team had beaten 400 entrants to become finalists for 3 awards, these were;

  • The Peterborough Service Small Business Of The Year
  • The Peterborough Small Business Owner Of The Year
  • The Peterborough Small Business Of The Year

While we were thrilled to be nominated and then shortlisted for these incredible awards in Peterborough; we were sad not to leave with an award from this evening.

That said these three awards went to some incredibly worthy winners. Street Arts Hire won The Peterborough Service Small Business of the Year and after hearing their story it was clear to see why they had won this award. Just looking at their new mural on POSH Fish and Chips should give you an insight to the amazing work they do.

We were then really happy to stand up and cheer for Kim Coley and her awesome tribe at Soul Happy when they won both The Peterborough Small Business Owner of the Year and The Peterborough Small Business of the Year. Kim and her team have done some excellent work for Peterborough and the community and they were incredibly deserving of this award. Having volunteered with them previously I can see firsthand how superb they are and how much what they do helps others.

However what really stood out to me was the feeling I experienced after the event; the morning after the night before. As my alarm went off and I rolled over to turn it off, I noticed my phone was lit alive with new notifications from a video posted by Kim Coley.

This amazing lady had shared her exciting news about winning the award, but then took time out to publicly praise me and the Creative Content Company for the excellent work we do for the community of Peterborough; if I wasn’t sure she was the best winner of the award (which I definitely was), I knew even more so by this incredible celebratory speech.

Kim and the Soul Happy tribe should be an inspiration to us all.