Think that there’s nothing to blog about? Blogging is a hugely important part of SEO. SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation. This is what helps get your business and website found on Google when potential customers are looking for the services or products that you sell.

Lots of business understand the importance of blogging and how it works. However, they often tell us that there’s nothing to blog about. Here at Creative Content Company, we don’t believe that. In fact, we think it couldn’t be further from the truth. With over 12 years blogging experience we have never been stumped for at least one idea of a blog post for any business or industry.

So, in this blog post we share just some of our blog post ideas for some different industries so you can see that maybe there is actually an idea for your industry after all.

  • A debt collector could write a post about the importance of good cash flow management for your business.
  • As a utilities company could share tips for saving energy this winter.
  • If you own a serviced accommodation business, you could share local events in your post to give people more reasons to stay at your serviced accommodation.
  • A graphic designer could share a post about the difference between logos and brands and why it’s important to know the differences.
  • As a wine seller you could write about popular wines to try in the upcoming season.
  • A property investor could start blogging about the latest changes and updates in the industry and how they might impact customers.
  • As a business coach you could be blogging about the reasons that people use a business coach. This would then relate to and engage with people needing help in these areas.
  • An IFA could write a post about how to review your investments.
  • A photographer could be blogging about the importance of good photos for your business website.

These are just some blogging and post ideas for different industries that we have put together. If you need help coming up with blog post ideas for your business, book a blog brainstorming session with us. We will come up with a list of blog post ideas that are unique to your industry and business. Then you can write the blog posts yourself or we can write them for you.

Still think there’s nothing to blog about?