The summer holiday period is upon us and it is only normal that you be thinking about going away and taking some time away from your desk to enjoy the summer sun; but as a business owner this is not always easy – especially if you have an active social media presence for your business.

There are basically three main options for social media for business during the summer holidays;

Shut It Down

The first option is to pop up a post that says you are away / out of the office from and to this date and there will be no updates during this time. This is good because it means you get a complete break from your business social media, but the downside is that if someone wanted to order from your business they may see that you are on holiday and therefore take their business elsewhere.

Schedule It

Scheduling your social media posts to update your business social media platforms while you are away is a great way of keeping your social media presence active but the downside is if somebody responds to your social media posts, engages with you or asks a question and they get no reply until you return, which can give your business and brand a bad name.

Outsource It

The third option is outsourcing your social media, in the same way you may ask a virtual assistant or PA to check your emails for you or answer your phone calls you can get a social media manager to look after your social media presence for you. For example, we could schedule your posts for you but also keep an eye out for questions or engagement and respond to these potential customers for you.

As a business owner you need a holiday and time out from the office as much as the next person, if not more – make sure you make time for you to help create a successful business and brand.