On the 4th Thursday of every month we meet at The Hampton for our monthly breakfast networking event in Peterborough. This event starts from 7.45am where you can signed in, add your marketing materials to the display and grab a hot or cold beverage (and maybe a croissant or fruit) before networking informally with other attendees.

We then take to our seats where Hazel will welcome everyone and explain what you are to expect from the event, before we take turns doing our 60secs pitch, sharing who we are, what we do and what we are looking for along with any special deals or exciting news.

After this we help ourselves to the breakfast buffet which offers a wide range of fruit, cereal, pastries, yogurts and full English breakfast items including bacon, sausage, eggs, beans, mushrooms, black pudding, bubble and squeak.

We then return to the tables so we can do some table networking with other attendees and really get to know each other – before a talk from our guest speaker, who this month is Rachel Bamber;

Title: The neuroscience to get stuff done faster & with less stress

Do you frequently experience stress and overwhelm from work? 

Do you think that you are enslaved to email and wish that you had more time for your own business priorities / goals? 

Do you or your team procrastinate?

At this fun, interactive workshop, you will learn some of the proven essential Brighter Thinking habits grounded in neuroscience of how to work with your brain, rather than against it so that you can feel calm and in control, improve efficiency and get things done faster and with less stress.

About Rachel Bamber PCC – The Brighter Thinking™ expert

Rachel Bamber is an expert in using powerful, brain-friendly strategies to deliver peak performance. She has helped people all over the world to work with their brain to get what they want, faster and with less stress. Among the pioneering adventurers who have worked with her include people in the public eye, corporate leaders and super-ambitious small business owners. A nominee for the GLE Rising Star Award in business,

Rachel is the first person in the world to be awarded the Postgraduate Diploma in the Neuroscience of Leadership.

If you would like to attend this fantastic networking event in Peterborough with superb guest speaker then please ensure you book in advance, a payment of £12 (cash) is taken on arrival.

We look forward to seeing you there.