E-newsletters for businesses fall into one of four categories because, in general, there are four different types of business newsletters. These are Informational Newsletters, Promotional Newsletters, Educational Newsletters and Lead Nurturing Newsletters.

In this blog post we would like to go into more details of the four types of newsletters to help you see which newsletter content could work for you, your business and your target audience;

Informational Newsletters for Your Business

An informational newsletter for your business will be short, sweet and full of information (the clues in the name). This style of business newsletter will often include curated content from your own website and from other sources, as well as industry news articles and relevant event information. It will be for people interested and already knowledgeable of your industry.

Promotional Newsletters for Your Business

A promotional newsletter for your business will usually be used to introduce a new product or service, and event or a special company promotion. It is likely that a promotional business newsletter will include a money-off voucher for the promoted product or service or a special offer code only available to those that receive the email newsletter from your business.

Educational Newsletters for Your Business

When you send an educational business newsletter you are using the newsletter to help solve a problem that your target audience may be experiencing. The style of an educational newsletter for your business will be a friendly teaching or explaining tone and be helpful and easy to understand. Usually an educational business newsletter will give the basic solution then encourage the reader to contact the company directly for more in-depth information.

Lead Nurturing Newsletters for Your Business

This type of newsletter will be rich in content and well targeted to a specific audience, perhaps part of a sales funnel and one of many scheduled and pre-designed e-newsletters. A lead nurturing newsletter for your business will be created with the intention of generating sales leads and converting existing business and networking contacts.