When designing your email newsletter there are some super important things that you need to remember to ensure that your email newsletter will be a success, we have listed some of them below for you;

Consider The Reader: Emails will often come through on a mobile phone and the reader could be doing anything, dropping off the kids at school, doing the weekly shop, getting in the car to go to a meeting, waiting for the doctor to call them through, anything! The reader may not be able to give the newsletter their full attention so make it short and snappy, yet interesting enough that they will come back to it later when they have time.

Keep It Simple: You’ll often only have a few seconds to grab the reader’s attention so keep it simple and to the point, at least in the first few lines. Streamline the design of the newsletter to focus on what’s important.

No Busy Backgrounds: A busy background to the newsletter may make it look cool and trendy, but it will distract the reader from the content. Instead opt for a simple background of one colour that is solid and clear to help your content really stand out and be noticed.

Look At Browsers: Your newsletter will look different on various devices and browsers so have a look at the functionality of your newsletters, and any links from your newsletter on different devices and browsers to make sure it looks great anywhere and everywhere.

Grab Their Attention: A good quality and attention grabbing subject line in an email newsletter makes a huge different to the opening rate and a subject or heading really can make or break your newsletter so take time to think about the title, while steering clear from FREE as it often gets caught in spam filters.

Where’s It From: Make sure you send your newsletter from a reputable email name as spam detectors will filter out email newsletters from unusual or spam-like domains.

If you need help designing, creating or writing your newsletter give us a call, we are always happy to offer advice, guidance and help.