As some of you may know, Creative Content Company is the founder of Creative Networking; this does not mean that this blog post will be bias, instead we hope it will help you understand that real benefits are available through networking in Peterborough.

We first started attending networking events in Peterborough to gain new contacts and hopefully new business. 

After attending a few networking events we quickly found there were many more benefits. For example we gained advice, ideas and knowledge on our own business and what we were doing and what we could do.

We found sanity and friendship while realising we were not alone. We met likeminded people who were in the same boat as us and experiencing the same things. This meant we didn’t feel alone when the new business started; I went from a team of 19 people to being me, my bedroom and a dozen tropical fish!

We learnt new things too; not just from the people we met that were also attending the networking events but also through the speakers at events. We heard different people’s stories and how they set up their businesses and what they have tried that has worked and we tried those ourselves.

We gained reviews and feedback live from real people; if we had a new idea, business card or website update we could ask other attendees at the networking events in Peterborough for their opinions and what they thought – it was real time market research available completely free of charge.

As we built up relationships with other attendees we quickly found ourselves being recommended to others and gaining lots of work through word of mouth and recommendations which was brilliant as it meant that work was coming to us – and pretty easily too.

Networking also helped us grow in confidence as we put ourselves in places that were out of our comfort zones and spoke to people we wouldn’t normally meet or speak to.

However and perhaps most importantly, we made friends! New friends that understood what was going on, how we felt and what we were experiencing – and that is something that no amount of money can buy!

If you’re keen to experience some of thew benefits of networking that we have mentioned but you’re not sure where to start come along to Creative Networking; you’ll always be welcome!