Local pages are an excellent way of climbing the ranks of Google for those smaller target keywords, and long-tail keywords. For example if you are a driving instructor in Peterborough you don’t want to be going to Ely every day to do an hour driving lesson, you want local work because this means you can do more paid work instead of spending most of your time on the road and not being paid.

It’s the same for plumbers, painters, builders, mobile beauticians and more – if you work locally you can do more jobs and get paid more as you are working more, instead of travelling from place to place all day long.

Local pages are pages of website content on your website that use the keyword of the service you offer and the place you offer it. For example; driving instructor in Hampton, driving instructor in Werrington, driving instructor in Parnwell, driving instructor in Dogsthorpe and such like; by having one page talking about your service in a set (small) area like the examples you will have an individual landing page for your service in that area and if your competitors don’t then you’ll definitely be towards the top of Google for your service in that area.

By having local pages you are cutting out the competition, for example if you are selling flowers in Peterborough you may be competing against Tesco as they are also selling flowers in Peterborough, but if you have a dedicated page of selling flowers in … (different areas of Peterborough) you will pick up those local orders that Tesco are unable to target as easily as you.

The important thing to remember is that you must have different content on each page. You can’t have the same content (words) on each page and just change the area as this will be classed as duplicate content by Google and can get your website penalised.

If you would like to know more about local pages web content or want help creating local pages website content for your business then please do not hesitate to contact us; we will be only too happy to help and can offer bulk buy discounts if you need lots of local pages for your business.