A like and share competition on Facebook can be a wonderful thing; but it has to be done right. That said, when you do run a Facebook competition there are some amazing benefits available to you and that is exactly what we would like to talk about in this blog post; the benefits of a like and share competition on Facebook.

If you are looking to gain for fans and followers on your Facebook business page then a like and share competition could be the best option for you. This means you offer something for free when people like your facebook page and share the post offering a free ‘something’.

Each time somebody shares the post it is sent out to all their friends and family therefore helping gain brand awareness. A like a share competition works really well if you can offer one of the products your business offers for free and also include an image of that products – therefore when the post is liked and shared people can see what your business offers.

I appreciate this is easier for businesses that offer products, but if it is a service that your business offers you could offer your service for free (including an image stating the service clearly) or a bunch of flowers / box of chocolates – this will still promote your brand, and let’s be honest; who doesn’t want a free box of chocolates?

To get your business page seen by lots of people you need to pay Facebook to promote the business Facebook page for you; but with a like and share competition your fans and friends are promoting your business for you and all you are doing are giving away something that you can afford to.

You could also choose a different topic for your like and share competition each month to give people a reason to come back and share your page again – then each month you choose a winner at random from all the people that like your Facebook business page.

Match this with a blog post promoting the competition, stick details of it in your business newsletter and share it on other social media platforms and before you know it you will have lots more likes on your facebook page and if you are managing your social media business page in the right way you’re get lots more engagement and sales too.

But as we started with; if you are going to run a competition on Facebook, you need to do it right. If you need help setting up your facebook competition just ask.