Here at Creative Content Company our team very often work hand in hand with website designers in Cambridgeshire and across the UK, we don’t say we are from Creative Content Company – instead we say we are from the web design company, but what are the benefits of that?

  • Having a team of content writers that you can call your own will make your business seem bigger to potential clients, you can even pop some of our faces onto your ‘Meet the Team’ page if you want, because we will be like part of your team.
  • We can help speed up the progress of websites because you won’t be waiting around for your client to get some well written content created for their website, we will be doing it for you, offering a turn around of about one or two working days on average.
  • You can put a mark up on our cost for website content, we have a special rate card for website designers, that lowers based on the amount of pages of content they require and then the website designer can mark up that price to make some money from the website content too.
  • We can create weekly blog posts for the client allowing you to have regular contact with the client. You can charge for the blog posts and the uploading of the blog posts, creating a monthly and regular revenue for your business.
  • You can offer your clients a one-stop shop, while you create the website we can do the website content and they will have an SEO friendly complete website that they can start promoting and showing off to their target audience straight away.
  • When web designers work with content writers it quickly becomes one less job to worry about, if the client needs content for their website it just takes a quick email to our team stating the name of the client, their website name if they have one and the pages that are needed and we do the rest for you.

If you are a website designers and these benefits are of interest to you then why not call our team of content writers and see what we can do, or even just drop us an email for our web designers rate card.