Sometimes business owners find it tricky and challenging to clearly define the real value of social media, and this is a challenge in itself but we know one thing for sure. When you use social media correctly for your business it can often be the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tool available to you.

We find that the three main values of social media are that is humanises your brand, it drives traffic to your website and it provides relevant insights into your target audience. We have gone into more detail on these three values as below;

Social Media Humanises Your Brand

Many brands and businesses find that they struggle to connect with customers on an emotional level; this is often the case with online based businesses and ecommerce businesses that may not have ever met their customers in real life. Social media allows a wide range of businesses to humanise their own brands and to ‘meet’ and engage with their target market. Social media is very important as it can help you transform your brand from a stale and corporate name to a living, breathing and kicking entity.

Social Media Drives Traffic

When maximised to its full potential, social media platforms can be used to generate leads and direct traffic to external pages, landing pages, product pages and your website. Social media platforms are a very organic method of driving traffic to your website and when managed correctly it can be much more valuable that paid advertising efforts.

Social Media Provides Relevant Insights

Savvy brands and super marketers have already realised that social media is an incredibly powerful listening tool; you can use it to find out what people are saying about your brand as well as a marketing tool. You can use the knowledge you gain from social media to improve your products, services, communications and processes to be a better business and a brand that listens.

Are you using social media for your business yet?