Today, Monday 8th March, is International Women’s Day. This is an annual day when we globally celebrate all things women. It is a day we are meant to celebrate the achievements of women around the world. Along with all the incredible contributions they have made.

However, today I would like to give a little shout out to some extremely strong women. Those women that inspire me this International Women’s Day. These are the ladies I think stand head and shoulders above the rest. They definitely need celebrating, not just today but every day.

One lady is Susie Willis. She is the CEO of Care Network Cambridgeshire. Firstly, the charity does amazing things for those that need their support. However, as a person, Susie is incredible. We will have monthly catch ups about the charity and how we can support them with their marketing. She will always ask how I am and actually, really listen. She manages to put others, her job and her family all at the top of the list. All while focusing on her self-care too. I take my hat off to Susie. She is one incredibly strong and inspirational woman.

I would also like to celebrate add Rebecca Waldron of White Rose Ceremonies today, on International Women’s Day. She is our wedding celebrant. We were due to get married at the beginning of the pandemic, the wedding was moved to this year and then to next year. The whole way through Rebecca has been incredible. I’m sure you can imagine what her diary has looked like this last year and how stressful things have been for her. However, she has always touched base, been at the end of the phone for tears and tantrums and just thought about me. She has done this despite the horrendous struggles going on with her. Rebecca is an incredibly strong woman and a true inspiration to us all. Just check out her Facebook posts or TikTok videos to see the positive and loving person she is.

My stepdaughter Hollie is also someone I would like to recognise this International Women’s Day. Hollie is a 14-year-old, so a full-blown teenager. Life is always hard as a teenager, but even more so during lockdown. She has her own family and personal struggles, but handles them incredibly well. Her brother has a lot of additional needs that often require extra attention. However, Hollie is such an understanding and loving person, regardless of this. While I worry about just how similar Hollie and I are, with our stubborn minds, sassiness and sarcasm – I am incredibly proud and inspired of the wonderful lady she is becoming.

Finally, Nanny Vi. Nanny Vi is my partners 90-year-old nan. In the last 12 months she turned 90 with just her sister and niece as company on her big day. She lost her son at the beginning of lockdown, and we were unable to hold a proper funeral. After living in the same house for over 40 years, she has since moved home three times in the last year. In the last three weeks alone, she has visited the hospital three times. Yet, despite all this she is still smiling and dancing around and making others smile. She is still worrying about everyone else and making sure they are okay.

These are just four of the people I will be thinking of and celebrating this International Women’s Day. They are all incredible strong women and people I am inspired to be more like in different areas of my life. I am lucky these people are in my life.