Social media marketing is huge for so many businesses. Yet other businesses don’t use social media to promote their business at all. If you can do it yourself, it’s a free marketing tool for your business. However, even if you outsource your social media posting to a social media management company like us, it’s still pretty low-cost. We charge just £50 a month for 3 posts a week.

But what are the advantages of social media marketing? If iyou don’t know the benefits of social media for your business, then £50 a month is actually quite a lot. So, in this blog post we have put together just seven of the advantages of social media marketing. This way, if you’re not sure what social media could do for your business, you now have an idea.

  1. Brand Awareness

Almost everyone on this planet has social media sccess in some way. They could have a Facebook account, search for things on Twitter, have found a job through LinkedIn or admire pictures on Instagram. If your business is on social media, you are putting yourself in front of all these people. Over time, this will boost your brand awareness.

  • More Website Traffic

The reason you use social media is to get people to go to your website. They can only find out so much on your social media. On your website they can find out everything. Through having an active presence on social media for your business, you will direct more traffic to your website and this will result in more conversions and sales.

  • Cost Effective

As we have already touched on, if you do it yourself it is a free marketing tool for your business. However, even if you outsource your social media posting and page management, it is still cost effective. You can pay for ads on social media too, or you can just post for organic reach. Both of which will help you boost the SEO of your website too.

  • Online Community

By posting regularly on social media you will begin to build a little online community for you and your business. You will notice the same people continue liking, commenting and sharing your posts. Overtime, these businesses will start to tag you in posts and refer their friends to your business page too. This will help you grow your business and build an onoine community.

  • Increase Sales

As you are posting on social media for your business, you are boosting the awareness of your business and brand. Through your social media posts you are promoting your business, your services or products and testimonials. These posts help you audience see what your business offers. Over time they will then choose to buy from you, further to the posts they have seen on social media.

  • Expert Authority

Sharing links to blog posts from your website is a really good thing to do. Not only does it mean that you are sharing your own content, but you are also portraying yourself as an expert in your industry. In your blog posts you are sharing your knowledge. By sharing these on social media too, you will be an expert authority in your industry.

  • Word of Mouth

Word of mouth marketing is huge and can do massive things for small businesses. Whem you have a social media presence your audience can tag you in posts of their friends asking for similar products or services. As the owner of the social media account you will see that you have been tagged. You can follow this up with ease. However, you have already go the ‘seal of approval’ as you have been recommended by their friend. This makes your sales process a LOT easier.

If you understand the advantages of social media marketing for your business but don’t have the time or knowledge, give us a call. As a social media management company in Peterborough, we can help you grow your online presence through social media.