If you have a great website then the more traffic to your website that you get, the more likely a conversion is for your business. By directing more traffic to your website you are increasing the potential for more sales and customers. So why not consider the power of blogging for traffic, to help get you more conversions and sales?

Blogging is an extremely powerful marketing tool. It is extremely effective for improving the SEO of a website. Blogs are great for increasing the leads for a business too. However, as we talk about in this blog post, the power of blogging for traffic is insane too!

Research by experts reported that businesses that blog on their website 20 times a month will gain more 5 times more traffic to their website than companies that blog fewer than 4 times a month.

Meanwhile the research went on to report that 55% of business websites with blogs will see more visitors to their website than business websites with no blog posts.

Finally, the research found that 37% of marketers state that blogging is the most valuable type of content marketing for businesses.

Imagine how much your conversion rates could increase if more potential customers came to your website? How many more sales could this be for your business? Could you handle more customers and what could these new customers help your business achieve?

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