There are lots of reasons for blogging for you business. Business blogging is such a powerful marketing tool. It can help you achieve so many awesome things for your business. In this blog post we look at the power of blogging for leads. We look at how blog posts can help you gain leads for your business.

These stats have been reported in various research studies. The survey asked business owners and marketers about the power of blogging for leads. This is what they found from these surveys;

B2B companies reported that by having a blog post they were able to gain 67% more leads than businesses and websites that did not have blog posts.

Meanwhile the research also found that companies creating 15 blogs a month, on average, were able to receive around 1,200 new leads every single month.

Finally, the research found that 4 times more leads come to businesses that blog 20 times a month that companies that blog less than 4 times a month.

If you have been thinking about blogging for your business and you’re not sure how it could work for you, then this is how. If you want more leads for your business, then blogging could be an effective option for you.

As you can see by the stats above, the power of blogging for leads in insane. While blogging a few times a month will help you increase your leads, it seems the more you blog the better.

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