If you were on LinkedIn the week the pubs opened indoors, then you’ll recognise this photo. The ‘true’ story, as shared in The Mirror, talks of a failing at Wetherspoons. In this blog post we share the story of the poor elderly man that needed pint and how he became LinkedIn famous.

Apparently, a 39-year-old man watched an elderly man in Wetherspoons watched a 79-year-old man try to get a pint in Wetherspoons. So, Wetherspoons has opened after lockdown. It now encourages the use of the app to be covid-safe. However, the gentleman pictured didn’t have the app. He struggled to get the attention of staff members so he could order his pint.

The story goes that the elderly man waited 15 minutes, watching staff members but not getting their attention. So, this 39-year-old man kindly logged into his app and ordered him two pints. What a lovely thing to do – and a nice ‘feel-good’ story too.

So, how did the poor elderly man that needed a pint become LinkedIn famous?

Within hours of this story breaking lots of people on LinkedIn used the photo and claimed it to be their own. They created a post claiming themselves to be the hero. There was even a post by a guy in America, (where the app can’t be used), claiming to be the hero in the story.

So, we posted the following on LinkedIn. It was posted alongside the photo of the poor elderly man that needed a pint and became LinkedIn famous.

“Let me tell you about my day – I got up at 5am and ran a marathon. Then started work. I got 20 new clients who were all millionaires by lunchtime. All due to my amazing work. Next up I went for lunch, saw 3 homeless people who I moved into my house and gave jobs too – they are also millionaires now, all down to me – thank goodness I gave them the time of day like nobody else did.

Then I went to Wetherspoons and saw this guy – he insisted he didn’t want any more drinks as he had been bought 140 pints by kind people on LinkedIn. So, I gave him a job instead – guess what??? He threw up in my office, smashed the door when he fell over and ate all the snacks from the snack drawer. But don’t worry, I believed in him, against all odds. He’s also a millionaire now.

WHY???? Why do people share such rubbish on social media? People buy people – if your audience call you out it looks bad on you and will affect your business.

Don’t be a numpty – just post the truth!”

Our post on LinkedIn says it all. The saying goes that cheaters never prosper. If you tell a lie you will be caught out. This will be damaging to you and your business. Just tell the truth. Do your own good deeds.