Nearly every business website has a contact page. If it doesn’t then it definitely should. People want to come to your website and find out more about what you do. They also want to know how to contact you if they need to find something out, or if there is a problem. This is the importance of your contact page.

The contact page on your website will play an important part in converting visitors to your website into paying customers and clients. Your contact page will provide visitors to your website with a place with all your contact details. These details will be easy to find and make contacting you easier too.

Let’s thing about what we all do. If we see a service or a product, we like but have a query about it, we contact the business. It’s the same for eBay for example. If we have a question about something we want to buy, we contact the seller.

Apart from being helpful to existing customers, the importance of your contact page is that it builds trust for potential clients too. By seeing that you are easy to contact and have ways people can get hold of you, gives the potential customer the reassurance that if something goes wrong, they won’t be alone.

There are certain things that we recommend that you include on your contact page. We would class these as necessary components. They are things that visitors to your website would expect to see. We have listed these necessary components below for you:

  • You need to have the physical address of your business. This would ideally be written out and then shown on an integrated map too.
  • A phone number for the office. Your audience know they can contact you then. You may also choose to have a mobile number so you can be contacted out of hours.
  • An email address so people are able to send any queries if they are too busy to speak or would rather not call.

Further to these necessary components, there are other things you can include on your contact page too. For example, a link to your diary so people can book meetings with you. You may choose to have your Skype ID so people can have an online meeting with you. Chat bots are often found on contact pages too. These help customers get an immediate reply.

A successful website for a business should be transparent. This helps to build trust with your business. By having a contact page that is easy to find and easy to understand, you will reassure potential customers that you are a trusted and legitimate business.

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