Here at Creative Content Company we offer organic social media posting and social media management. Our social media management offers organic reach for Facebook. We are often asked if we offer paid ads on social media. We don’t. However, if you are considering paid social media ads we would highly recommend the team at Brilliant Digital. Instead we offer organic Facebook reach. This is the people that will see your posts on Facebook without paying extra on advertising.

Facebook is a business. It is there to make money for all the hundreds of employees. This means organic reach for Facebook has become harder so business owners opt for paying for adverts. Facebook has been eroding the organic reach for Facebook for some time. If you want to get found on Facebook without paying for ads, you’ll need to work harder.

Research shows that the organic reach for your business page on Facebook could be as little as 2-3%. In simple maths, if you have 100 followers on your business page, as few as 2 or 3 people will see each post.

However, this doesn’t mean that organic is now dead and the only way forward is with paid ads. It just means you need to work harder to grow that organic reach naturally.

Studies across the media show that one the biggest factors in Facebook’s algorithm to grow your reach organically, is through engagement. Just like the search engine Google, Facebook wants to show its users content that is relevant to them. How do they do this? By looking at what users engage with. The more something is engaged with on Facebook, the more relevant it is. The more relevant it is, the more people Facebook will show it to.

Therefore, if people are engaging with your content on social media, your organic reach is likely to go up. This means that more people will see your content on Facebook.

You can see this in your own timeline on Facebook too. Your newsfeed is what facebook thinks is the most relevant content to you. You will see things from businesses and friends that you engage with. The content you don’t engage with as much is the content you will see less of.

If you are looking to boost your organic engagement for your Facebook business page, contact our social media specialists in Peterborough.