When it comes to online marketing for your business, you need to be aware of keywords and the importance of keyword research. This is what will get your website and content found on Google and social media. You need to think about what your audience are looking for. The words that they are using to find it need to be considered too.

One example we have used before is our business. For example, we are blog writers, bloggers, content writers, copywriters and more. These are all different words our target audience will type into Google when looking for our service.

As a small business you know that what you write needs to relate to your business. It also needs to engage with your target audience. However, if they can’t find it, what’s the point? You need to target what people are searching. This means that when they are searching, they will find your blog post, website or social media page.

There is no point creating great content and blog posts that nobody reads. That is where the importance of keyword research comes in.

The process of keyword research is looking for the popular words that people type in search engines like Google to find services or products that businesses like yours provide. An example of this could be “How to curl my hair”. If you were a hairdresser, this could be a great blog post for you. In the blog you can share details of how to curl hair, and then share the curling services you offer. Th blog title could be “How To Curl Your Hair: Tips From The Professionals”.

The importance of keyword research is that you will find the keywords you want to use. Once you know the keywords that people are searching for and you want to be found for, you need to use them. These keywords need to be incorporated in the title of your keyword. They need to be placed sparingly throughout the blog post too.

By doing this, you will clearly show Google what keywords you are targeting. When users search on Google, Google can then direct them to your website. These blogs will give you a better chance of ranking as well as finding your target audience.

There is a huge amount of importance around keyword research for SEO purposes. However, it’s also great for blog post ideas. When you know the popular keywords that you want to be found for, you can use them as ideas and inspiration for future blog post ideas.

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