When you first sit down to write a blog post for your business, there is a lot to think about. It can be a very nerve-wracking experience. What should you write? Who will read it? Will they want to read what you have written? What topics should you focus on? It really can be an up-hill struggle for first time blog writers.

However, there is a golden thought for blog writing. You need to write your blogs as though you are standing next to someone. When writing your blog post imagine you are trying to explain something you can both see. This is a great way to get the tone and language right for your blog posts, your business and your audience.

This golden thought for blog writing puts you in the right frame of mind for creating content that is engaging and compelling.

It’s important to think of blog writing for your business as a journey. However, you are not at the lead of the journey. Your blog writing journey is a journey that you are led on by your target audience. You think about what they want to know and create content for them on that basis.

Good blog writing for your business is all about seeing the world through the eyes of your target audience and your customer. You need to think how you can overcome their pain points. This is done through practical tips and tricks through your blog posts.

If you have ever wondered how to get more readers for your blog posts and better engage with them, remember the golden thought for blog writing. Write the blog posts as if you are speaking to your audience face to face. Think about the questions they would ask you and how you would answer them. That’s what needs to be included in your blog posts.

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