If you really want to get more from your website copywriting there are a few do’s and don’ts that you need to consider. It’s not as easy as just putting a few words into sentences unfortunately. Nor are there any tricks of hidden words in a clear font or using someone else’s content word for word as your own. Both of these things could get you penalised by Google. They could get you short-term wins but you’ll struggle to come back from being penalised when you do get caught.

So, let’s look at the do’s and don’ts of copywriting to help you get the most from the copy on your website. Remember, if you don’t fancy doing it yourself, you can always speak to our copywriters in Peterborough. We can write the content for you that you require. You can use this as a base to write from, or as your final copy for the website.

Copywriting Do’s

  • We recommend that you use simple language that is easy to understand, instead of using complex words or business jargon that may deter your target audience from using you.
  • It’s a good idea to use an active voice in your copy. A tone that is less formal will make your website copy more engaging and relatable.
  • When writing copy for your target audience think about who they are in regard to their age, demographic, experience and what they want to read about.
  • Aim for short sentences of 20 words or less and shorter paragraphs of 3-4 lines too. This will make your content easier to skim read by your audience.

Copywriting Don’ts

  • It is recommended that you don’t write in a long-winded language that your readers may find hard to understand and stick with.
  • While it may be tempting to boost your copy with lots of words, avoid it. Don’t fill your descriptions with lots of adjectives. You want your target audience to see what your business offers and understand it immediately.
  • Never assume that your reader knows what you are talking about. Instead, explain everything in a simple manner that is easy for your audience to understand.
  • Don’t focus on yourself when writing copy for your website. Instead, you need to think about the needs and wants of your customer and how you can support them with this.
  • Make sure you don’t use a boring tone when writing copy for your website. This can put off your readers and will not get you the sale you were hoping for.

These are basic do’s and don’ts of copywriting. Remember, if you need any help with copywriting for your business, call our team of copywriters in Peterborough.