We came across some research by Creative House. This research looked at the top nine benefits of social media marketing for businesses, as chosen by businesses. The results of the research are as follows:

  • 79% of businesses felt the biggest benefit of using social media for their business was the increase in traffic to their website.
  • 68% of businesses found that they created more loyal fans for the business and brand through using social media.
  • 66% of businesses felt that social media was the best place for them to gain real marketplace insights.
  • 66% of business owners found that posting on social media enabled them to generate loyal leads for the business.
  • 58% of business owners that were active on social media platforms saw a large increase in their ranking on search engines.
  • 55% of businesses noticed a growth in business partnerships, through the use of social media.
  • 54% of businesses felt that their brand had become established in thought leadership by being active on social media platforms.
  • 51% of business owners noticed an improvement in sales for the business, after posting on social media regularly and consistently.
  • 50% of businesses noticed that through an active social media presence they were able to reduce their marketing expenses.

If you would like any of these benefits for your business, then why not have a chat with our team about social media marketing. We can manage your social media marketing for you. We will post on your social media platforms regularly and encourage engagement.

Imagine it you gained just one of these benefits for your business. How much would that positively impact of your business?

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