SEO copywriting is about keeping Google and other search engines happy with the content on your website. This is done by using the right words and phrases to ensure that when people search a service or product your business offers, the search engine sends them to your website.

Here at Creative Content Company we can create brand new SEO copy for your website. Alternatively, we can refresh all or some of your existing website content to ensure it is SEO friendly. We will review your content and recommend the changes to boost your SEO. Your content will then include the right SEO-focused words for your business and your target audience.

We can look at the pages where you get the most traffic or pages on your website that you want your audience to be directed to. The SEO specialists will review the content and recommend changes to boost the SEO of these pages. In turn this will attract more visitors to these pages too, which will result in more conversions.

Our SEO copywriting services can also be used to continually update and refresh your website with new content. This could include new service or product pages, new stories and blog posts as just some of the many examples.

It’s important that your website copy is both reader friendly and Google-friendly. You can’t stuff keywords into your web copy as this doesn’t work. It may have worked in the past, but search engines are smarter now. Filling a blog post with keywords that make no sense will do your website more harm than good. Search engines are looking for websites that offer relevant and credible content. This gives their users great search results.

If you need an SEO review of your website, we can offer that for you. We can do it for you, behind the scenes. Alternatively, we can complete your SEO website review via Zoom if you would prefer. We will then recommend changes and edits you can make yourself. If you don’t have the time, we can make the changes for you.

Need fresh SEO web copy on an ongoing basis? I can help with that too. This will look good to search engines, and your target audience will love the fresh content too. Plus – it gives you great quality content to share on social media and in newsletters.