The last 18 months plus have been challenging times for lots of businesses. The focus for many business owners has been on the business and putting out fires. However, we are now coming out the other end and this is the perfect opportunity to turn the page and get writing fresh content for your business and website.

When it comes to small businesses, if you’re not growing you are dying. Research in 2019 shows that 45% of new start-up businesses fail within the first five years. This means that if you are still within the first 5 years of business, now is not the time to stop creating more content.

With the right content on your website you can not only drive more sales, you will boost awareness for your business and brand, increase profits, improve the SEO of your website and so much more. By creating more content for your business, you can achieve and even exceed the goals you set for you and your business.

Is now the time to scale up with your content marketing efforts? The great thing is that if you can create the content yourself then it’s free. We can complete blog brainstorming sessions with you or send you blog post title and topic ideas for you to create the content yourself.

Alternatively, we can manage your blogging needs for you. We offer a low-cost service with blog posts from £35 a blog post. These can be provided to your weekly, monthly or whatever frequency you require.

Good quality content on your website is an amazing way to provide your audience with value. By generating the content, you create this will lead to trust being built with your audience. You will also gain new-found awareness of your brand, business offerings and what you do. By creating more content for your business, you will also become an authority in the industry.

There are lots of benefits of creating more content. But, what’s the best part of creating more content for your website? It really is only a matter of time before that content translates into sales. And the more content that you create, the quicker it will become sales for your business.