Anyone can write the content for their website. There you go, we said it. If you have the time you can put the words together to go on each page of your website. However, if you want SEO friendly content that will help your business get found on search engines like Google – then you’ll need some professional SEO content writing.

Here at Creative Content Company we offer professional SEO content writing. Involved in this is 5 parts. It needs to relevant and informative but your keywords need to be included too. Your SEO website content must be engaging to your audience and it must be well written. However, the part most business owners struggle with; it needs to be the right amount of words!

Below we go into the individual parts of professional SEO content writing a little bit more so you can see what is involved in SEO web content.

Relevant & Informative Content

It’s all well and good writing about the latest breaking news or a fun TV program you watched recently, but to be SEO content you need to talk about relevant things to your business, your industry or your audience. Your content on your website needs to relevant and informative. Inform your audience about relevant things they want to know about.


You need to include keywords into your web content. Keywords are the words you want to be found for. For us, this is things like web content, SEO content, SEO content writing and similar search term. However, that is only the example in this blog post. In each page of your website you need to focus on different keywords so Google knows what people can find out from your website. This way Google (and other search engines) will send the right audience to your website.


We briefly touched on, but this is a really important area of SEO and your website. The content on your website needs to be relevant to your audience. This will help lower your bounce rate, which Google will see. Your overall SEO ranking will increase. When writing content for your website think about the audience and who is reading the content. What do they want to know and what language will they understand?

Well Written

While Google is not your school English teacher, you do need to make sure your content is well written. Think about your sentence length and lay out too. Your text needs to be attractive to the reader. If there is a typo in the first sentence then this can damage your reputation to your target audience and SEO wise too. Take the time to create well written content, but make the time to proofread it too.

Word Count

The word count is really important. We would always recommend 300-600 words. This means that the reader gets enough information from the page. However, if they want more they can read another blog or page on your website. Alternatively, your audience can contact you directly. The amount of words on each page will also help with the SEO ranking of your website too. Do not repeat yourself in your text, but make sure you keep an eye on the word count.

If you would like help with professional SEO content writing, contact us now. We can help you get your message across to your audience in the right way. We are here to help your business achieve more online.