If you have seen lots about #VisionShift but you’re still not entirely sure what it is, then this blog post should help you – giving you a brief overview of VisonShift and what to expect from the event.

In 2 and 3 weeks time I am running VisionShift, this is similar to a Careers Awareness Day, but it is in Peterborough Prison. Last year I took over 80 businesses into the prison and this year we will be doing the same.

Peterborough Prison holds male and female prisoners who are kept apart at all times, on the 7th October we will be going into the male side and on the 14th October we will be going into the female side.

It is a speed-networking lay out where businesses sit opposite the prisoners for 4 minutes before being moved on to the next business, its a chance for them to be inspired for their future. The prisoner (known as a resident) may have ideas of what they want to do on release and  will have questions to ask you, or they may have no idea and they’ll be attending the event to gain ideas. Last year jobs on release were offered and while this is a bonus, it is not the main aim of the event. The main aim is to just chat with residents.

After the speed networking we will have a networking lunch with just the businesses and this has been an extremely effective networking session, there is then a chance for a tour around the prison and to hear stories from the prisoners too.

It would be great if you or a colleague(s) could join us for this event – it’s certainly an eye-opened and you’d really be doing something good for your community.

Please confirm your attendance by emailing with the name(s) of those attending and the date(s) they can attend; [email protected]

If you would like to know more about the businesses attending please see our blog posts.

Hope to hear from you soon!