You may have seen us on Facebook, heard rumours about an upcoming event or even had a chat with Talent For A Tenner on Twitter – but what is it? What is Talent for a Tenner and why should you be jumping up and down to get involved?

As discussed in a previous blog post, what could you offer for a ten pound note? If someone walked into your business right now and they said they wanted to buy something from you for ten pounds what could you offer them?

Talent for a Tenner is the brainchild of Hazel from Creative Content Company and Katie of Rhetonic who wanted to find a new way of helping businesses. Sometimes products or services can look quite expensive so it’s about finding a way to offer a ‘taster’ for ten pounds to build the beginning of a relationship with a potential client and engaging with them so they could purchase the full service from you in the future, at the full price.

Talent for a Tenner is currently set up as two events, one will take place in Peterborough at Bewiched Coffee and the other will take place in Cambridge at Hidden Rooms. Both events will be at a charge of ten pounds and will include a free drink on arrival.

At the evening event you will network with other attendees on arrival before everyone gets 40-60 seconds to tell the room who they are and what they are offering other people in the room for a ten pound note.

Sales of the ten pound offers will be done after presentations are completed and a receipt will be given to the seller, the buyer and to Talent for a Tenner so we can see how much business is passed through our events. The sales of the ten pound special offers must not be completed before or after the event, this is a special offer only for those that attend.

This is a different event to your normal networking event when you go along to network and meet new people to build relationships with them, this event is to buy and sell some incredibly amazing offers – so get your thinking cap on and think about what you can offer for a ten pound note!