If you’re not sure if you are doing social media management right, or perhaps you’d like to get better at managing your social media then this super tips for social media success should be of help. Unlike our competitors, we don’t like to baffle and bamboozle our clients, we keep things simple – and that’s exactly what we have done in this blog post;

Change It Up

However much it may feel like a good idea or a way to speed things up by posting the same things everywhere, this isn’t a good idea if you have the same followers on each platform. That said, the one things worse than that is linking your Facebook and Twitter accounts together as this results in a Twitter link that sends you to Facebook that then sends you elsewhere and your readers aren’t going to put in that much effort to read a blog or view a product; they’ll just go elsewhere.

Be Platform Appropriate

When posting updates, links and articles on social media take the time to think about where you are posting the content, your audience on that platform and if the update is suitable for that platform and the audience you have built up. Also bear the platform in mind when it comes to gifs, images, links and lengths of content too!

Join The Community

If you are on social media to get more followers than everyone else, quicker than everyone else, then you’re doing it wrong. Social media is a community, don’t use it as another place to sell at people, instead engage with your audience and take the time to build up trust and relationships in those that are interested in you and your brand.

Be You

When it comes to social media people don’t want to follow and connect with a company, they want to connect with a voice, a tone, a brand and a personality. It’s good to share products and services, but make sure you include a bit of you too – as we all know, people buy people so make sure people have the chance to get to know you, and buy from you.

If you would like social media training to help you manage your social media accounts better, or perhaps you feel you haven’t got the time and would like someone else to manage your social media accounts for you, then drop us a line – we would be more than happy to help.