If you’re frantically running out of ideas and ways to entertain the kids and the funds are rapidly running low plus you’re desperate to get out of the house then I may have just the idea for you. It’s called Geocaching and its brilliant fun, but more importantly it’s free and it’s literally on your doorstep (well, it is ours anyway).

There is a geocaching app available for free downloads and using your GPS it will tell you where the nearest geocache is. These geocaches could be any size from a small clip lock container to an old film canister or magnetic case, the description will tell you what you are looking for and you can get a hint too.

It can be done all over the world, so whether you are staying at home or bored on holiday they’ll always be some geocaching spots near you and you can even upgrade for less than a fiver a month for hints or more geocaches.

How did I find out about this amazing thing? Katie of Rhetonic told me, I wasn’t quite sure about it so she showed me what it was and there was one 52m from our office, this is literally at the end of the drive – and we found it. It was a small tube with a huge list of everyone’s names who had ever found that geocache and the date they had found it.

If you would like to try out geocaching but you’re not too sure where to start or what you are looking for, why not pop in and see us at our office at Norman Cross Gallery – there is free parking and I can help you find your first one at the end of our drive, then point you in the right direction to find the rest yourselves.

Plus you can also use that time to pick my brains on our skill set such as all things social media management, newsletters, blogging and website content too if you would like? I am always happy to help fellow small businesses make the most of their online presence.