Have you set yourself the goal of being more active on social media this year, but find you’re struggling already? We speak to loads of businesses that find they’re struggling to keep posting on social media. Sometimes they run out of time, and sometimes they run out of ideas.

Here at Creative Content Company, we can help. If you’re struggling to keep posting on social media, then this is the blog post for you. We share some great content ideas to help get those creative juices flowing so you can come up with loads of great posts for social media.

How about video testimonials from happy clients for example? You could film them yourself or ask your clients to film and send a video testimonial to you. The client will be happy to get some free advertising on your social media and you’ll have great quality content for your social media too.

If you’re a company that can take before and after photos, these are great to share on social media too. As a web designer you could share the old website and the new one, or the new SEO results compared to before. If you’re a builder, kitchen fitter or painter you could share before and after photos of your work. The same for hairdressers doing colour or hairstyle changes. Before and after photos are a great way of showing what you do and the finished results.

Use your social media posts to educate your audience. Share information about the services or products you offer. Give your audience top tips, advice and guidance. This will portray you as an industry expert. It will also build trust for your business and offerings. Meanwhile, it will show your audience that you know your stuff and they can ask you any questions they might have.

Talk about your services and products, along with any new services too. Remember that your audience may have been following you 5 years, 5 months or even 5 minutes. It’s okay to share the same things again and again as they may not have seen it the first time. Just be careful so it your posts don’t come across as repetitive.

Share latest news and updates in the industry. This could include market and industry information that you think could be of interest to your audience. Keep an eye on the latest news and share this along with your take, feelings or advice.

Whenever you post on social media for your business this about your audience. Will they find the post interesting? Is the post valuable to them? Is it relevant to your business and your audience?

Still struggling to keep posting on social media for your business. Give our team a call for a brainstorming session or some social media training. Don’t forget, if the struggle is too much, we can offer our social media posting service. This will take away all the stress for you.