When it comes to writing website content and even blog posts for websites it is important that you spend time focusing on creating strong headlines. There is no point creating amazing website content and blog posts that are never read because the headline or title of the content is not strong enough to encourage readers to click and read more.

A good strong headline will spark interest and invite readers to click on the link and read more. When creating headlines for your website content or blog posts remember that 80% of people will read your headlines but only 20% of that 80% will read the rest of your content and that is why sometimes the headline and title of your website content or blog post is more important than the website content or blog itself.

Often titles and headlines like “The Shocking Truth of…” and “Doing… makes you look dumb” work well because the shocking truth is something you definitely want to know about and you definitely don’t want to look dumb either – so these are headlines that capture your attention and make you want to find out more.

When writing website content and blog posts it’s important that you take your time with your headlines. When you are starting out writing headlines for blog posts and website content try and come up with a few different ones and see which you like most.

You may often find that another headline you have written down would work better with another blog post so you could write a similar but different article on the same topic, with a different headline. Some people even use the other headline ideas as different ways they can link back to the article and their website from social media.

Remember, the headline is the first thing that people read and they are the basis that most people use to decide if they want to read your article or not.