If you’ve seen our blog posts before you’ll know how we deal with Linkedin connection requests if we don’t know the person that has sent them and there is no personalised message. However, for those that aren’t sure, we send a first message that is conversational, asking about their week, etc before explaining that while we are grateful for the connection request, we are not sure who they are and without a personalised message we are not sure how we can help.

This is sent once to twice a week for about a month or until we have a reply, if there is no reply after this time we will decline the connection request.

Which brings me on to this message – It is in response to 4 messages over 5 weeks asking to know more about them, so we could network and engage further;

Good Morning Hazel,

Thank you for connecting .

At this present time I do not require your help with anything. But hey, who knows what the future may bring. If our connection is not for you then I totally understand.

I would appreciate it if you could stop sending me messages now

Kind Regards, Elaine.

Please note this is the first message or response I have had from her, in response to asking more about her so I could understand her / her business and network better? Surely this is the idea of a business social media site and a business networking site?

I then responded;

Hi Elaine,

Thank you so much for responding – I could see you were reading the messages, but the lack of reply was concerning leaving me to think you had send the connection request in error.

The reason I sent the messages was to engage with you; as a social media platform I feel it is really important to be social, engage and network so we can help each other,

Just accepting requests and never finding out how you can help the other person is no good to either person; I’m sure you agree.

I do look forward to hearing more about you so we can network further, as requested in earlier messages.

Many Thanks,


If you invited someone to your office and they arrived asking to know more about so they could help your business and recommend your services would you tell them not to come again? Yet surely this is what Elaine is doing – she invited me to connect with her and then was annoyed when I tried to do exactly that.

What impression are you giving through business social media management