As you will remember from last month, I kindly / stupidly signed up for a charity fashion show to help my business contacts, networking buddies and friends Karen and Janet in their quest to raise money for two amazing charities as part of their of the Great Wall of China.

The first event they organised was a Fashion Show in conjunction with M&Co in St Ives where they asked for models to show off the outfits, they sold tickets to those coming to watch the fashion show and there were beauty related stalls as well as a raffle.

I kindly said I would be a model for their fashion show and on entering the store to choose my outfit I found I would be wearing not one, but three outfits, meaning I would have to parade myself, in the chosen outfit not once, but three times – I was completely petrified!

Of course I put on a positive and brave face for my step-daughter, who was thrilled to be a model for the very first time, and to have a personal shopper help her choose the outfits for the event.

The event was really well organised by Karen and Janet, I was still very nervous on the night but the friendly faces of all those that had come along to watch the fashion show really helped put me at ease. I even risked wearing a pair of high heels that I hadn’t worn for years… and yes, I did totter and wobble up and down the catwalk in these ill-chosen shoes.

What I loved about the Fashion Show was that everyone was there to support Karen and Janet in their challenge to raise money for two worthwhile charities; it wouldn’t have mattered if we fell over and if we had of I am sure Alan, the photographer, would have helped us up, after laughing at us for a little while.

I would like to take this chance to thank and congratulate Karen and Janet on an extremely well organised event which raised just over £400. It was a fabulous event and I, my step daughter and out guests thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

I’d also like to take this chance to encourage you all to donate something to Karen and Janet – however small it may be, as a famous supermarket once said – every little counts and this really is true.

Karen’s just giving page is:

Janet’s just giving page is: