We speak to business owners all the time that say they don’t see the point in blogging, are unsure why they should blog and in general just can’t bothered or really haven’t got the time to write blog posts for their business websites – but we have got some statistics that may make you think twice about blogging  for your business;

* Did you know that 329 million people view blogs? So many people these days read blogs before they purchase a product or service and this is what helps them understand what they are buying and what they can expect.

* Around 25 million blog pages are read every month, so if you are one of those companies that are happy with the one or two blog posts on your website you may want to think again because people want to read more blog  posts and if they can’t get more on your website they will just go somewhere else.

* There are 500,000 new blog posts uploaded to the internet every single day, if you aren’t regularly blogging but your competitors are, you’ll find your target audience are reading their new blogs instead of visiting your website to see the same old blogs again and again.

* Every day there are 400,000 comments added to blog posts, and every comment, engagement and interaction on a blog post helps towards that Google love that will get your website higher up on the search engines. Again, with new and fresh blog posts your blog post will be the one that gets that much needed engagement.

* 60% of all businesses have a business or company blog – again, if you are one of the 40% of businesses that don’t have a blog you will miss out on attracting your target audience. 35% of those businesses that blog do so at least once a month, while 65% of those businesses that have a blog for their business haven’t updated it in at least one year.

Personally, we feel if you don’t update your blog or add new blog posts at least once a month there really is no point in having a blog on your website, it will actually do you more harm than good. If you don’t use it, then loose it.