We have come across another spam email that we would like to share with you. This one is about guest posting. In this blog post we share the email with you so you know what you’re looking for. We also share the ‘tell-tale’ signs that it is a spam email. We also share a bit about guest posting too, and how you can make it work for your business.

Hi Sir,

Greetings for the day to you and your highly improved company!

I would like to inform you that am a guest post service provider.I have so many high quality sites(5000+) for publishing your important post.

I have a team of highly innovative professionals providing you with get instant results to rise in the highly competitive market within your niche.

Some suggested sites:

http://www.houzz.com               DA 92

http://www.homegrown.org/          DA 56

https://www.tripoto.com/           DA 60

https://expatkings.com             DA 45

http://wideinfo.org/               DA 70

http://www.techprevue.com/         DA 50

http://zahipedia.net/              DA 36

http://www.gamengadgets.com/       DA 47

http://vator.tv/                   DA 63

http://www.ukbusinessforums.co.uk/ DA 54

To improve the search engine visibility of your website, I will look forward to hear from you when you’ve time after reading our proposal.


First tell-tale sign is the email address it has been sent from. This email was sent from a gmail account. It was the ‘Business name’ @gmail.com. Professional online businesses know that they need a business email address.

Starting the email with ‘Hi Sir’ is very common for spam emails. It shows that they have made no effort to check out our about us page to even see who we are. ‘Greetings for the day’ is another tell-tale sign of a spam email. It is a term that overseas businesses think English people in business use a lot. When was the last time you used that term to welcome / greet friends?

Watch for the grammar too – especially if this company want to represent you or promote you online! For example ‘providing you with get instant results’ which makes no sense?

There will then be a list of places they can get you domain authority (DA) online. This really isn’t a thing anymore. Previously this was a sure fire way of getting your website higher on Google search rankings. This is no longer the case as Domain Authority has fallen behind while newer and more important ways of gaining SEO points have come forward.

I also use one of these sites, the UK business forum. You cannot get away with guest posting on this website. Instead you can use this website for asking questions and helping others. Previously it was a ‘no follow’ link – which meant no ‘SEO power’ would be passed anyway, however this may have changed.

Guest Posting is really good for a business, if you do it in the right place. You could work with another business that offers a similar service to you. This could be a blog post about the top ten wedding hair styles if you are a hairdresser. You could then write this for a wedding dress company and include the recommended hairstyles for a selection of their dresses.

The guest posting goes on the other website and has keywords that link back to your website. It means you are seen by a new and relevant audience, and the other business has a new blog on their website which helps with their SEO too.

If you’d like help with guest posting just ask. We would be happy to help, and can even connect you with our clients if we have any that are relevant to your business.