The way in which some people respond to being followed or response from the person that has just followed them is one of my pet hates so it could be tough for me not to get on my high horse and have a rant about this one – it is thin ice for me if I’m honest!

So let’s start with what to do when someone follows you on Twitter – they are not following you for the sake of it or because they had nothing better to do! They found something on your profile that interested them; they could even be a potential client that is interested in a service or product you have available so it is important you engage with them.

The best thing to do when you have been followed is to look at the Twitter Bio and Profile of the person that has followed you and then look for something they have in common. They may also be a father of two children, have the same hobbies as you, live in the same area as you or do a similar thing to you.

You then need to reply and say something like “@BobJones thanks for the follow, I see you are a father of two, mine are 5 and 7, how about yours?” This will confirm a connection and then they will reply and the conversation can begin because you have fully engaged with them.

If you have no similarities in the twitter bio then have a look at their photos – there may be quotes as pictures, a photo of them doing something crazy, delicious looking food or a gorgeous photo of scenery. You can then reply to this image, saying thanks for the follow and that you love the photo, ask where the photo was taken or by saying you agree with the quote.

Again, you are engaging and encouraging further conversation while building a relationship with the stranger that has followed you. It’s this sort of thing that will build a relationship with the follower and can help you get a sale from a potential client.

You can also look at things like recent tweets, where they are based, followers you have in common and such like. Don’t just reply ‘Thanks for Following’, instead start a conversation and begin building that relationship with the future potential client.

If someone thanks you for following them and they make the effort to send a tweet like we have described don’t just favourite it, instead reply and continue that conversation. You followed them to find out more about them didn’t you?