We offer a social media idea service that means we can send a business ideas of what they can post on their social media business pages; often a business owner will run out of ideas or not be sure what they can and can’t post on social media so we will give them something like this to help them come up with ideas.

This is an example of what we will send if you need social media ideas; feel free to share it with a party shop / party supplies company that you think may benefit from these free ideas.

  1. While your posts and pictures on social media are great at showing what you do, copy and paste your reviews and testimonials and share these on social media too – you are great at what you do and have some great reviews from customers that think you’re great so share them.
  2. Look for latest news on celebrities parties and talk about how you can do this too; for example David & Victoria had Harpers birthday party at Buckingham Palace, be engaging and joke that as much as you can’t do that you can do … this.
  3. Share articles and posts about the top or most popular childrens birthday party themes / same for wedding themes / 30th birthdays and such like. Try and find articles be companies that are based near you and don’t offer your services so you can begin affiliate marketing with them and pass work between you. Use a different post per ‘party’.
  4. Share random and funny facts about balloons and other products you sell; people will enjoy learning something new and if it’s funny or interesting they will share it for you too.
  5. Do posts like ‘today I am creating a Mickey Mouse balloon for a special someone’s… party’ ad include a picture; this sort of post shows you are keeping busy and shows off what you do without making it too salesy. You can then follow up with ‘this is the completed article’ and so on.
  6. When you are creating / making take a picture and ask people to guess what they think you may be creating; this will get people engaged and interested and while commenting they will look forward to the finished article; but also see how much work goes into each creation – you could take pictures along the way as additional clues.
  7. Ask your fans what their most memorable party was as a child; this is just a chance for people to reminisce and engage with you on a more personal level, helping build a relationship between you and your target audience.
  8. Do throw-back posts and share images of work you have done this time last month / year etc – this shows you are not a brand new company that has appeared out of nowhere and you have experience and skills in what you do.
  9. Share different games that can be played with balloons; add that you can supply the balloons for lots of fun games like these. This could be a link to an article or even a video of different balloon games.
  10. Ask for ideas of the best party games for children; again this will get people engaging with your post and also encourage those that aren’t sure about having a party to have one as they will have loads of party ideas under their belts; you could do the same for all age parties and special occasions – just one post for each a few days apart.
  11. Share images of party quotes; only once a week but something people can enjoy and maybe share with their friends.
  12. Talk about the best party food for a party, ask people for their opinion and talk about the party food / food machines you can supply to parties.
  13. Share funny balloon popping videos, either filmed by you or shared from YouTube – people love seeing things that make them laugh or smile and there are loads of videos out there that will do exactly that.
  14. Video yourself either creating or putting up a balloon display, speed it up and share it on social media – this will then show how much work goes into every creation that you do, and people will love seeing the sped up version too, especially with a few funny faces pulled at the camera here and there. The same could be done for setting up the party / venue as well.
  15. Ask peoples favourite thing to dip in chocolate and talk about the things you offer with a chocolate fountain; who doesn’t love talking about chocolate!

If you would like some social media post ideas for your own business just let us know; we would be more than happy to help.