If you have a vintage ice cream van for special occasions and events then you will love this list of free social media post ideas that you can use on your social media accounts. Maybe you know someone that sells ice cream and you can share this with them to help get their creative juices flowing. You may even find these ideas useful if you offer any type of service or hire-able product for special occasions and events.

Here at Creative Content Company we offer a reasonably priced social media ideas service that gives you social media post ideas for your business to use, we think we can come up with ideas for pretty much any business or industry; don’t believe us? Then give us a try by ordering your list of social media post ideas.

1.How To Create The Perfect Vintage Wedding

Share an article or photos of vintage weddings and explain how your vintage ice cream van can help you create the perfect vintage wedding theme.

2.Party Entertainment For All Ages

Explain how everyone loves ice-cream and your van will work as entertainment for everyone at your party.

3.What Is Your Favourite Flavour Ice Cream?

This is a chance to engage with your fans on social media as they will be happy to respond and engage to questions; mention some of the flavours you offer and ask them to confirm their favourite ice cream too.

4.Where is the best place for ice cream?

Ask people to recommend their favourite place where you can get ice cream / the best place they have ever had ice cream (and why) – again this is a chance to engage with you and your page and the engagement will help more people see your Facebook page.

5.What is the weirdest flavour ice cream you have ever heard of?

Again, it’s a question that will get people talking and engaged; maybe share some examples of the more unusual flavours of ice cream that you have available.

6.If you could be an ice-cream inventor what flavour ice cream would you invent?

Again, it is a question that will get your fans engaged but you may find some want to invent flavours that you have so you can respond and mention that too.

7.Share Reviews

As you get more reviews and testimonials share these as an image on social media, maybe one a week to show that your customers love what you are doing.

8.Take photos of events

When you attend an event take photos, but also show throwback photos of events your van has been to previously so people know that the company has not just appeared over night and may disappear tomorrow.

9.Your Calendar

Have a look in your diary, see what events you have coming up and put up a list of where you and your vintage ice cream van are going on this day, this week, this weekend and even post if you have a booking for next year and say what booking it is (wedding / birthday / business event)

10.Share Facts

Share fun facts about how long ice cream has been around, how much ice cream is eaten every year and such like; if these facts are interesting and fun enough your fans will share them.

11.Celebrity Spot

Look for photos of celebrities in the media eating ice cream and share these photos on your social media pages. People love celebrities!

12.To Top Or Not To Top

Talk about toppings on ice cream; do your fans like toppings or not and if so what toppings. You can also ask a similar question about having a flake in the ice cream.

13.Share Vintage Posts

Look at vintage type party suppliers in your local area and share and repost what they are posting on their social media pages, they will then do the same to you – and you may get referrals from them too.

14.Public Events

If you are going to public events like village fetes, food festivals and such like then share this on your social media pages and promote it, also create an event on your Facebook page so people can say they are going and they will look out for you and it is likely they will comment / leave a review later as they know you were active about the event.

15.Share Articles

Look for articles that talk about ice cream, health benefits of an ice cream, having an ice cream van at an event and similar. Any articles that mention ice cream (and are not written by a competitor) get them shared on your social media pages.