If you are looking for some quick and easy social media ideas for your business then you have come to the right place. Here are some top social media marketing ideas that you can use in your business social media platforms during the festive period;

Create a Christmas banner for your social media platforms, while this could be a Christmas themed banner that promotes a sale or special offer you have a nicer touch is to have a Christmas wish of greeting that brings a smile to the face of your fan or follower.

Don’t be afraid to introduce some festive jolliness, a bit of tinsel here and a ho ho ho there will help people engage with your business and join the festive spirit with you; talk about Christmas freely and people will follow.

Be human and be real – don’t be a robot and post what you always post, instead be a real person, use your brand voice and create that human touch which helps your target audience engage with your business and helps you build trust.

It’s Christmas and therefore it is okay to mention that ‘C’ word; as long as you don’t do it in July and overuse the festive spirit your audience will love it. Share relevant content that talks about Christmas and the festive period; your audience expect it!

Although you may be busier around this time of the year, make sure you engage with your audience – by this we don’t just mean posting engaging things on your business social media page, but also respond to questions and comments and start conversations with your audience. As we have said before, by engaging you are building trust between your target audience and your business and brand; this trust can be invaluable.

These are just some social media marketing ideas for businesses during the run up to Christmas; but many of them can and should be practised all year round to help gain the most for your business through your social media presence.