When it comes to putting posts and statuses on social media platforms it’s important you go for 70% social and 30% sales; never do more than 30% sales or you will find people unfollow your social media accounts. You don’t watch TV for the adverts and people don’t use social media to see your adverts and sales messages so aim for engagement.

June is Country Cooking Month; you can do various things with this. You can ask your followers and fans which countries food they enjoy the most and talk to them about their favourite meal from that country, continuing the conversation. Alternatively you can share (and encourage your fans to share) the best recipes for country food including stews, pies and similar.

June is Diary Month, as a one off update why not ask your followers if they have diaries, if this is a work diary or personal diary and if it is on a mobile phone or an actual paper diary. Replies to these sorts of questions can lead to some really good conversation, engagement and subsequent relationship building which is exactly what social media is good for.

June is National Smile Month and you can use this to share happiness throughout social media. Using hootsuite or another social media management tool (Hootsuite is our favourite), you can schedule all sorts of happy updates and posts that will make your followers smile. Pictures of kids and animals smiling, funny poses from around your office, jokes and funny poems – if it makes you smile then it is likely to make your followers smile. Pop the hashtag #NationalSmileMonth at the end and you’ll soon have your followers sharing your happy posts and their smiles to new potential clients.

1st June is Say Something Nice Day; this can be a great chance to collect up those testimonials. Ask your followers to say something nice about you, promising to say something nice in return. When you do reply with something nice make sure it’s personalised by looking at their profile or recent posts. The personal touch works really well when it comes to social media management and we always recommend that people stay personal in their accounts when we are doing social media training.

7th – 13th June is Pet Appreciation Week, people love their pets so ask your fans and followers to share photos of their pets or ask them to tell you how much they appreciate their pets. Offer a prize for the best photo or story to encourage engagement.

These are a few post ideas to get you going, most importantly when you are managing your social media account you need to make sure you stay friendly, personal and positive – if you do you’ll find lots of people are keen to follow you and share your posts.