Here at Creative Content Company we provide social media training and social media management to a wide range of businesses of all shapes and sizes from many different industries, yet we think we can come up social media posts for any company.

We recently came up with these ideas for a transcription company as an example of being able to come up with ideas for any industry; please feel free to share this with a transcription company you think it may help.

  • Share the awesome reviews you have received and show on your website; save them as photos or copy and paste as a status; then include a link back to your testimonials page so people can see how awesome you are.
  • Hunt the internet for facts and stats about transcribing and transcription; people love learning short and quick facts they can share in a conversation later that day (Google is great for this, or even Google images!)
  • Share that you offer a number of main services, in separate posts share some details about one individual service, who uses it, why it’s used, etc and then link back to the services page; remember this can be more than one post for each service.
  • If you’re looking for local clients or to connect with local businesses then why not share posts about new businesses in the local area, upcoming events and such like.
  • Show what you do by sharing posts about what you are doing that day, which industry you are completing work for that day and such like.
  • Create opportunities for engagement by checking out national days and seeing how these can work with your business or target audience; this could be National Listening Day and talking about what you do / the importance of being good listeners, right through to National Ice Cream Day where you ask your followers favourite ice cream and share yours.
  • Take a week or a month where you choose a target client sector and talk about how you can help them – eg; different ways you can help students, and so on.
  • Share transcript fails either current or in the past, this will show why your business is so important and why the client needs you.
  • Encourage people to join your newsletter (create a newsletter); explaining it is only a monthly newsletter and shares latest news, helpful tips and special offers – this helps take the relationship to the next level.
  • If it is okay to ‘go public’ tag people you are having meetings with that day or just had a meeting with; include the place you met too and its likely they will share the post as well which will help grow your brand awareness.
  • Share links to fun listening or spelling tests from the internet; share your score and ask your followers if they can beat that score.
  • Ask questions in your posts, especially on Twitter or Facebook – things like ‘Who’s got all their Christmas Shopping done’ and similar.
  • Do you clients have special offers available that they are happy for you to share? Then share some of these to your followers which will show you work with them and support them.
  • Share photos of the team; whether it’s a new haircut, a team outing, new employee, or a work/ personal birthday then share a photo and details; this makes your business become ‘real’.
  • Create ‘did you know’ posts where you share the amazing things about your business – eg: did you know we charge from £1 per minute, can offer 24hr turnaround and such like.