When it comes to it is recommended that you use real photos of real people for your social media accounts where possible. For a business account maybe use a team photo, but for your Linkedin page for example, this is a personal account and your photo rather than the business logo is better to see, and easier to engage with too.

While social media scheduling tools will save you time you need to make sure you engage too. When posting things on social media make sure you can respond to those that engage with you, talk the time to thank people when they engage and continue the conversation with them, but also thank people for leaving a review or recommending you on social media – there is no reason you can’t say Thanks publicly but then send an email too?

Don’t use your social media accounts just to sell; be engaging and offer your connections something of value too, such as tips or tricks of the trade for example. While it is good to connect with new people, make sure you build up a relationship with the stranger before telling them what you do or trying to sell your services. Connections on Linkedin for example are not a numbers game so consider who you are connecting with to get the best networking opportunities from the platform.

Make sure you check your grammar and spelling before pressing send or schedule – an incorrectly spelt post can do your brand and business more harm than good.

Do you have any pet hates or gripes on social media that really annoy you? How does that make you feel about the person you are engaging with / the person that is doing there and their business or the business they work for?

Whether you have met the person or not, or ever even used their brand, product or service, their poor social media etiquette has left a bad taste in your mouth – so remember that when you are posting and engaging on social media too.