We love examples of social media done right, especially when it has the potential to go so wrong!

One thing that puts many businesses off of using social media is the fear of backlash and criticism and with so many keyboard warriors and trolls out there this is completely understandable. There is always a risk that an unhappy customer will set out and do everything they can to destroy a business.

However, having a complaint online can also work in your favour. Every business makes mistakes, but it is how you deal with the mistakes, which will set you apart from the rest. Instead of being afraid of the complaint and clicking delete. Stop and take the time to breathe, read it properly and if it is a real complaint that is fair and that you can resolve, then publicly resolve it.

Campbells’ Soup have got an advert out at the moment with the family sat round the table eating soup, however the family is a son and two dads.

A person commented on the photo of the advert stating “Your new commercial with the two dads makes me sick”

Unfortunately there will always be small-minded people in the world with views that are not fair on others and they feel the need to express these feelings, regardless of who this may hurt or upset.

So, how did Campbell’s Soup respond to this comment?

“Hi Kim! If you’re feeling sick, we suggest enjoying a delicious can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup. Make sure to enjoy it hot, so it can warm up your cold, dead heart.”

What an awesome response!

Not only did they clearly stand by what they believe in, but they also made a rude comment go viral – and of course, they came out as the good guys and that is why we have added them to our ‘Social Media Done Right’ !