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Want To Be Social, But You're Not Sure How?


Do you often wonder what Social Media could do for you? You may have heard from business contacts, friends and clients that social media is really important and they're right. Social Media is really important and can really grow your brand awareness - if you know what you're doing and that's where we come in.


We can help you understand the best social media platforms for your business and offer social media training specific to your needs and your industry. Each business won't need to go on every social media platform, so our social media training can help you understand the different social media platforms, how they work, how often they need to be used and how they can be beneficial to you and your business.


We will then go on to show you how to use the social media platforms, including brainstorming ideas of what you can write on each platform and we will even train you how to use a social media scheduling tool which will make your life much easier.


If you're looking for social media training in Peterborough that suits your needs then we could help, give us  call now!

One to One



Per Hour

Tell us what you want to learn, if you have a certain platform you want to be better on or if you want an overview of all social media platforms we can help.

Group Training




Per Sesion

We can come to your business or group and teach social media to a group of ten people or more for a one hour session. Notepads and pens required, this is not hands on.

We will sit with you for 30mins and review what you are doing on social media, while giving you tips and pointers on where you can improve your social media management.



We can also set up your social media pages, please contact us for a quote

Do Your Social Profiles Need To be Suited and Booted?

We both know how important your brand is, then why not have the same branding across all your social media profiles? Having your brand in multiple places promotes trust and reliability.

If you would like one of our graphic designers to create custom designs to fit all your social media profiles, then please ask in the message section for more details on pricing.




Per Session

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Whatever level you are at, when it comes to social media training we can create a bespoke package for you and your needs - just let us know what you want to know & we can help!

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