The key to successful social media marketing for your business is to be social and to be consistent. It shouldn’t be all about business and selling. You also shouldn’t post loads and then suddenly stop when you run out of time or ideas. Your social media posts need to be engaging with your target audience and you need to be consistent with your posting. This is where our social media topics for June 2024 could really help you.

Below we share some national days, weeks and holidays that you can use as social media topics and ideas for June 2024. As you can see, they are simple ideas and easy to use on your own business. You don’t need to overthink your social media. But sometimes, it can help to just think outside the box.

Outdoor Marketing Month – Use this month to promote your business outside, wherever possible. The sun is shining so do something with it. Take photos of a team lunch outside or walk in the sun? Take some of your products outside for photos.

Say Something Nice Day: 1 – what a great idea for a video? Ask each person in your team to say something nice about the next person and pass the camera on.

National Headache Awareness Week: 2-8 – This day can work in different ways. You can share tips for recuing the risk of headaches or coping with headaches. Alternatively, talk about how your service or product can help your audience remove their headaches.

Hug Your Cat Day: 4 – We have said it before, and we will say it many, many times again. The internet is made for cats. Share photos of you or your team hugging cats. Encourage your audience to do the same thing.

Ball Point Pen Day: 10 – Why not have a little fun with the way that you introduce your team. Get them all to write the business name in a ballpoint pen and get your audience to guess who the person was writing it?

Father’s Day: 16 – This is a great day to celebrate if your target audience relates to this. It’s also good for family run / owned businesses too. Just be careful to think about those without dads and how they might feel.

National Selfie Day: 21 – The perfect excuse to show off the team behind the scenes. Get some selfies of you and your team around the business. Ask people in the business on 21st June to take their own selfies and share those on your social media posts too.

When using these social media topics in June 2024 for your own business don’t forget to use a hashtag. Sharing your selfies from around the business with the hashtag #NationalSelfieDay will help make your social media post make sense. It can also open your business to a wider audience and more reach. This could lead to more clients too!

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