If you are a local business, looking for local work – you need local SEO. For example, maybe you are a Peterborough based plumber looking for work in Peterborough, or an Exeter based electrician looking or local work in Exeter. You don’t want to travel to either end of the country to complete a job. Instead, you want local work, ideally on your doorstep. In this blog post we look at how social media supports local SEO so you can gain this local work for your business.

A standard and traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ business has a High Street presence. This can help them get known locally. But what about people that don’t visit the local high street? Or those that don’t need a shop or office, like a one-man-band electrician or plumber for example. In these cases, you can put your business on local directories and similar.

However, social media can also support your local SEO. Reviews and testimonials have a huge part to plat when it comes to SEO rankings. Having your name, address and contact phone number (known as NAP) online is a huge plus for SEO too. Both of these things will help boost your SEO rankings and visibility online. Both of these things can also be completed with the help of social media.

Social media supports local SEO ranking. It also helps you connect with a local audience online, while uncovering new customers. Think about tagging your location each time you post an update on social media. This will help boost your local SEO rankings. It will show your target audience the areas that you work too.

Social media platforms are search engines too. Just like Google, they give their users the ability to find businesses, order services and buy products online. Ensuring that your social media pages are regularly updated and locally optimised is crucial for your local business, looking for local clients and customers.

By using social media, you can build trust for your brand. You can also encourage and highlight more reviews for your business. There will be increased mentions of your business online too. This will be by you on social media, and your previous customers and contacts.

If you need help with social media supporting local SEO, call our team now. We can help create SEO content for your website and local-focused social media posts too. Contact us now to find out more about how social media supports local SEO.