We’re sure you know it’s really important to keep your social media platforms up to date, this means posting engaging updates on them at least once a day, every day (yes – even weekends)!  In this article we have put together a few  social media posts and ideas for you to put on your social media platforms this month;

  • The world cup doesn’t end until the 13th July so make the most of this. Ask questions about who people think are going to win, if you make / sell food or drink discuss different food and drink from the countries that are playing. If you sell stuff show off the products you have in the countries colours, etc. Just because England is out of the world cup it doesn’t mean that your business has to be out of it too!
  • It’s the Tour De France – if you’re based on the route that’s great as you can take photos and post them on your social media platforms. If you run a company that promotes health talk about the advantages of cycling and things like that. Whatever service or product you sell, get behind your country!
  • It’s ‘Independent Retailer Month’ – if you’re an independent retailer this is your month to shout from the roof tops, telling everyone the advantages of buying from you instead of someone else. Support your suppliers or clients that are also independent retailers by sharing their great work on your social media platform. Your fans and followers will soon get the impression that you’re a company that cares.
  • This month is also National Ice Cream month – ask your fans and followers what they’re favourite flavour ice cream is. It doesn’t matter if it’s not relevant to your company or industry – it’s getting people engaging with you and you’re building relationships with current and potential customers.

These are just some of the things you can talk about with your fans and followers on your social media platforms, remember – it’s good to post things but you need to make sure you engage with your followers too. Nobody likes a robot.

It’s ridiculously important to post on your social media profiles every day, if you don’t have the time to do it yourself or you’re not sure what to post then pass your social media platforms to us, we can post on them every day for you and you can pop on and engage or we can do the engaging for you as well.

Give us a call to find out about our social media management packages!