The festive season will soon be very much upon us – if it is not already (dependent when you read this blog post). For some businesses Christmas will be a really busy time. For other businesses, things will really slow down. However, what you need to ensure doesn’t slow down, is the social media posts this festive season.

Now is a time to have a little fun with your social media. People are in high spirits. They want to see nice things on their social media feeds. This is what we have kept in mind when putting together these ideas of social media posts for the festive season. Have a look through our ideas and see what you think. Feel free to take and use any you feel.

  • Xmas Presents

As well as sharing any products or services you have that people may want to purchase as Xmas presents, talk about Xmas presents in general. This could be the best Xmas present you have ever received. It could be the worst one, or the funniest one. Maybe you have bought a present for someone before and you really felt you excelled yourself. Talk about your Xmas present, and then end with a question. This will help engage your audience.

  • Xmas Songs

We all have a favourite Xmas song, so why not talk about it. Maybe have a poll where people can choose their favourite Xmas song. Ask people to vote for theirs or comment below. Get people to guess the Christmas Number One this year. Or you could ask people to share the Christmas Number One the year they were born. Again, share your answer first and then ask your audience the question. You should have fun commenting and responding to their replies too.

  • Xmas Votes

Put some votes together to engage people. These could be quick and simple votes. For example, do you love brussels sprouts or hate them? Do your audience have a real Christmas tree or a fake Christmas tree. Do people open a present on Christmas Eve or does the whole family wait until Christmas Day. These are fun questions that are easy to answer. Your audience will enjoy engaging, and that will boost your reach too.

  • Xmas Memories & Traditions

Talk to your audience about what their Christmas Day looks like. Do they have any Christmas traditions that take place every year, without fail? Perhaps they have a Christmas memory of when they were young, or even their children when they were younger? Share your memory or tradition, with a photo if possible. Then ask readers for their memories and traditions. Most importantly – don’t forget to respond.

These are just some ideas of social media posts for the festive season. If you would like help with your social media management, then give us a call. Here at Creative Content Company, we offer social media posting as well as social media training. This is done with the aim of helping your business achieve more online.